a little background story..

I decided to make photography my full time gig at the turn on this new year. I had been working for a landscape company as a branch manager about 60 hours a week for 3 years with the same company. The only time to work on photography stuff was during the weekends. I consistently did shoots every weekend for a good 2 years to practice and build up a portfolio, and I was shooting weddings as an assistant. I stopped doing shoots for practice and fun in the last few months of 2014. I took an intentional break to sort of step back and reflect on how far I have come in my craft, as well as look ahead to where I really want to be. During the break, it was sort of strange filling my time with other things. I focused more on my landscaping job, bought some books, and reflected. I found myself uninspired and sometimes bored. But I had chose that for myself at that time! And realized it is not what I wanted at all. I don’t ever want to NOT create and NOT shoot. It’s so hard creating when you’re not 100% in the creative flow! I knew this about being an artist, but I also realized not doing photography at all is not going to fly. It is what feeds my soul and the only thing my landscaping job was doing was feeding my bank account. This break showed me clarity to know what I truly wanted for my future.

So I marched my confident bum into my boss’s office on the first Monday morning of the new year, looked into his eyes, and let him know I was going to leave. He understood and was very supportive of the reason why I was leaving and everything left off on a good note. He left the door open for my return if I decide to go back, but I already know I won’t. I am so determined to be successful in this, as well as be an inspiration to others that they can live a creative, passionate, and fulfilling life too! It’s still a hustle and I have to make sacrifices and live a much more simple lifestyle, but it is quite the rewarding trade.

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