Black & White Film and Darkroom Class

Fun Fact! I am a self-taught photographer. Kinda cool to say/ probably the hard way of learning. I stumbled upon an ad for CPAC Black and White Darkroom Film Class and I couldn’t pass it up (don’t you think sometimes the right things find us when we didn’t know we were looking?) All access to a darkroom and an incredible teacher who is an open book when it comes to critique, answering any technical question, sharing his wisdom, and understanding your art, at my disposal. The class was held in a basement of a mansion in Capitol Hill. There was surprisingly only 4 of us! Which was perfect for the size of darkroom, which is where we spent most all of our time. The class ran for 4 weeks. We had lessons each week and just a few days in between to shoot an entire roll of B&W 35mm film. For me, it’s a completely different way of shooting all together. Film forces you to take your time. It makes you think for a second longer before snapping the shutter. And anything but manual setting is irreverent. With digital, it’s all about documenting the moment (via lifestyle photography) or capturing a model in a perfect second (via fashion photography.) Portraits, I can very much do so with film! Speaking of, I have a roll of portraits of a very handsome fellow that I need to develop.

My class took me out of a comfy place I’ve been in photography and made me see things in a new way. I am seeing life like a photographer again.

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