Taylor in Griffith Park

This was Taylor’s first shoot ever! She did awesome and we had so much fun chasing the good light in Griffith Park on Earth Day and getting kicked out of the tennis courts. She’s such a darling, and I’m obsessed with her curly hair. Sarah Nelson did her make-up and killed that pop of red on her lips! Plus baby lashes on the bottom. 

Brother Sister

I photographed LA model pair Ava and Clark, brother and sister, at the Griffith Observatory. I love going up there because the light is out of this world at sunset and I feel like I’m in the clouds above LA. It’s gotten crazy busy as a tourist destination, but if you’re willing the fight for parking and make your way through the crowds, you can find some empty spots with really pretty light. 

Super Bloom!

The wildflowers in LA are in full bloom, making Griffith Park the prettiest I’ve ever seen it! Liv, with la models, told me she was in town from Denver for a few days, so we planned a very impromptu shoot only a day in advance! Typically, I plan editorials a week or two in advance with plenty of solid inspiration, but the wildflowers themselves were enough to get up and go shoot immediately. I have photographed Liv twice in Denver - one time being published in print! I adore Liv, and feel so lucky to have had an opportunity to photograph her again while she was in town. She is so sweet and I love her look and modeling style. She also provided the styling, which ended up being so perfect for the scene! I love when shoots come together so organically and easy. Everything just feels right and the proof is in the stellar images. And as a bonus during the shoot, Liv said she brought her grandfather’s polaroid camera! So we used it as a cute prop to go with her 70’s babe’n styling, and I got to snap a few, bringing me back to my early photography days!

Madison in Venice

I am so lucky to have my two favorite Denver models in LA in the same weekend! I have shot Maddy twice in Denver, and she was voted Best Model in Denver in 2016! She is killing it. She is such a Cali girl at heart, so shooting her on the beach was absolutely perfect. Days like these, I wonder how I call what I do “work”. 


“In the desert, you see, there is everything and nothing…” - Balzac

I will take ANY excuse to go to the desert, and especially Palm Springs. So when I heard about Desert X and the amazing art installations spread in different locations across the desert, I gathered a few creative photographer friends for a quick road trip! The Circle of Land & Sky was my favorite one. I probably could’ve stayed there all day, but we had lots more to see, and the Mirage Ranch house to get to by sunset. We got to walk around inside the house, which is completely made up of mirrors. It seemed impossible to capture a good shot without a stranger being in it because it was actually pretty crowded. But we lingered around until it closed and they were making people leave, and we sort of hid in the back to snap a few more photos. Just doing what a good photographer always does. Break the rules.


Caley at the Observatory

I met Caley (Next Models LA) through my Denver make-up artist, Alli, who insisted Caley and I shoot together while she is out in LA! I’m so glad we had the opportunity to shoot because these are some of my fave photos to date. They’re fun and carefree, and the location was absolutely beautiful. We shot at the Griffith Observatory, which is oh so pretty at sunset. Despite the clean images, there were tons of tourists walking around in the background that we had to dodge. Some of them stopping to stare as Caley and I were shooting. But alas, we didn’t get kicked out of shooting in a public place, so a pretty successful shoot. Styling cred goes to the model, who has impeccable style! PS she is Miss Colorado :) 

Sporty Shoot w/ Nina

Nina just signed with LA Models, and we set up a shoot to start building her portfolio. I had been wanting to do a sporty styled shoot for a while and thought the Silver Lake Rec center would be a perfect location for it. I walk by these basketball courts almost every day, and always admire the light that comes through the trees onto the sea foam green colored court. The clouds diffused the sun to the softest, most flattering light ever on this particular day. Nina helped with bringing wardrobe pieces to wear, which worked out perfectly, because we learned we have the same taste in clothes. She was so wonderful to shoot, being such a natural in front of the camera. This girly is going to go far in her modeling career! Can you believe this was her second shoot ever? 

Angeles Forest

I’ve been missing Colorado and weekend escapes to the mountains so much lately. Thankfully, I just discovered that the Angeles National forest is only an hour away from Los Angeles! It even looks and feels like Colorado up there, so I’m happy. Taking time to renew my soul in nature is crucial to my happiness :) With my man and my puppy by my side, we went on a long hike, taking pictures along the way. I’m (ironically) camera shy, but here are some portraits of myself, in my element. 

New shots

I’m a bit behind on blogging all of my shoots, so here are just a few of my faves from shoots I’ve been doing for modeling agencies. I’ve got 3 shoots this week, so even more to come soon :) 

Test Shoots in DTLA

I am shooting for Wilhelmina Men LA now! I love shooting guys. It’s not that different from photographing women. In some aspects, I prefer it. The wardrobe is pretty easy. And there’s only a few “poses” for male models. And the retouching is a bit quicker. I did 2 shoots back to back last week, so here are few of my faves. We met at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, and walked around from there. While I was waiting for my second model to show up, I explored the hotel and went to the rooftop where people were hanging by the pool, sipping cocktails. I looked around at the skyline and below, and happened to see some kids running around shooting on a rooftop next door to the Ace. So I was determined to find it and make my way up there too to shoot. It’s an empty parking garage and I thought we’d have to be stealth in sneaking to the top, but the attendant did not care in the least. So this is my new go-to spot for test shoots! We were able to climb on the fire escapes, and use all the open space and beautiful evening light it has to offer. And of course the city scape in the background. So perfect. 

Neal J is above, and here is Landon M. 

El Matador Beach, Malibu

My dear friend, Kassia, and her friend, Victoria, invited me along on one of her shoots at El Matador Beach in Malibu. The lovely model, Natalie, is also my good friend, and I had photographed her a couple times in Denver. She is with NXT agency here in LA. Natalie is killing the commercial modeling game, and I’m so happy to be reunited with her and Kassia! It was such a fun, girly day. We ate acai bowls, made bougainvillea crowns, and played with my puppy on the beach. This was my very first beach shoot, so I got to experience all the challenges that come along with shooting on the beach (sand in camera, tiny window of golden light, rising tide washing away all our stuff.) But we survived, and there will be lots more beach shoots to come!!

And here are some Behind the Scenes snaps! 

Blum Magazine feature!

My editorial titled Geometrics was featured in Blum Magazine Vol 2, Issue 4! It’s in print and on the web. I love seeing my images in print! It’s so satisfying to have my work in a tangible form. 

The concept of this editorial was very minimalistic. I knew of a building in downtown Denver that was surrounded by concrete in really cool curves and shapes, so I figured we could run around there and shoot all 3 looks in areas with the most interesting light. Well, we started shooting the first look, and a security guard kicked us out :( Not the first time that has happened. So on a whim, I decided we should go shoot the other few looks near the Denver Art Museum. Lots of geometric and clean wall space to use there too, so it ended up working out the best. The light over there is insane because it’s reflecting off the silver and bouncing off other walls, making it really soft. I was dying over the light. Especially when we took out the mirror to see what kind of light, shadows, shapes, and reflections we could play with. 

I styled this set on my own, pulling minimal looks from my closet. I did buy the yellow one piece bathing suit from H&M, thinking I could pull it off, but it of course looks way better on my model! :) The amazing jewelry is hand-made in Denver by Lily Schlosser and her company Eli and Barry. Her minimalistic and geometric metal necklaces and earrings were such an incredible accessory and really contributed to the overall look. Liv is the beautiful model. She is one of my fave babes to shoot! She is really creative with her poses and absolutely kills it in front of the camera. She’s signed with Donna Baldwin and LA models. Liv’s make-up was done by my girl, Alli, of course! I LOVED this look of dewy highlights and smudged eyeliner. It looked completely perfect on Liv. 

Stay tuned for another editorial feature + an interview later this month! 

Maternity Session with Emily

I met Emily through a modeling agency when she asked me to take her portrait to build her modeling portfolio. She was brand new to modeling and wanted to have fun with it. We had such a great test shoot, and then heard the news she was pregnant just a few weeks later! I was so excited that she would be my first maternity session. Emily is so gorgeous and great in front of the camera! Her and her husband live in a cute house in Wash Park, and she said she has always wanted pictures in the park. So we walked around on a humid, cloudy day, and took beautiful portraits of her and her baby bump. I even got to see her belly move when the baby was kicking! She is expecting a boy in October. You can see from these images that she’s beaming with joy! 

Botanical Gardens Portrait Session

My good friend, Gisella, is a wonderfully talented florist, so the Denver Botanical Gardens was the most perfect location for our portrait session. It seems like every afternoon, a thunderstorm rolls through town, but we got lucky and missed the rain by an hour, and had bright blue skies and sunshine. The indoor tropical greenhouse is my favorite with the deep shadows and all shades of green. Her blue dress popped and she looked beautiful in her element. 

Senior Portraits with Kellen

Kellen is a senior at Cherokee Trail in Aurora and found me through her friend, Ayana, who I photographed last summer for her senior portraits. Kellen is a talented artist and plays the guitar. She recently went to NYC to win an award for one of her paintings! So we both wanted to do an artistic setting for her portrait session. We started in my studio and then walked around RiNo Arts District. I let her pick out some walls with painted murals to shoot in front of. We had a great time walking around look at the art and getting to know each other. She’s thinking of going to University of Hawaii! And I’m sure she will continue to create inspiring art. 


I was inspired to get into a new degree of photography, which is beauty! I think it’s a pretty natural progression from fashion and portraits to beauty, but I am learning (teaching myself) tons of new techniques as far as actual shooting and especially retouching. I’ve been so reluctant to use photoshop in the past, solely relying on Lightroom, but it’s impossible to edit beauty images without photoshop. I still have a long way to go, but this is a great start. It’s so exciting expanding my skill set and future client base. 

The beauty concepts are so fun to come up with, my head is spinning with ideas. This particular shoot here is a “brow story.” The beautiful model is Lauren D of Wilhelmina models, and my make-up artist is of course Alli B. I’m so happy to show off Alli’s make-up skills in a much closer setting than our usual fashion editorials. She is seriously so talented and helps me so much when it comes to executing my concept. <3 

Behind the Scenes - Flower Farm Editorial

My team and I had this editorial planned for months, so I was so excited when the day finally arrived! We were lucky enough to shoot at a killer location in Brighton called Red Daisy Farm. A woman named Meg grows flowers on her property to be cut for bouquets for events and weddings and such. Her property is so beautiful with tons of perennials, a big barn filled with antiques, a pond, and a big field of feathery grass. I can’t wait to share the images! I think it’s my best work to date. It was also the most fun set I’ve been on! 

Here are some fun behind the scenes photos. My team is incredibly talented and I could not have done it without them! Especially Alli, who picked up this chicken to hand to the model to hold for a shot, ha! 

Test Shoot!

I photographed Bella for her second modeling shoot ever to build her portfolio with Wilhelmina. She’s only 12 years old, can you believe it? Bella is the youngest model I have shot! I’m in love with the reflective light around the Denver Art Museum’s silver walls at golden hour, so we shot there. I could probably shoot there every day. The light is seriously to die for, and there’s so many clean lines and geometric shapes to play with. 

Weekend fun

My weekend consisted of my friend Alli’s birthday celebration, vegan chocolate chip ice cream, photo shoot in the mountains, Dram for a cocktails and campfire, puppies, and poppies. Here are some iphone pics.

me & my prairie rose cocktail

Lark, looking like a mountain princess

happy bday alli!

Golden Mesa

Alyssa and I hiked to the top of North Table Mesa in Golden, but did not expect it to be such an intense hike! We were huffing and puffing our way up to gravel road to the top to make it by sunset. We had bags of clothes and all my gear and high altitude weighing us down. People we passed on the trail warned us of a rattle snake up ahead that we clearly avoided! It was all worth it though once we got to our destination! The top has amazing views of the mesas and valleys of Golden, Colorado. There was also this area that looked like a crater hit that felt like we were on Mars. So we just romped around and had fun shooting while the sun went down. Alyssa is always a fun time to shoot with! I think I’ve photographed her 3 times now. She recently got signed with Donna Baldwin Agency, so yay, congrats girly!! Hair & Make-up by Savannah of Savvy Beauty and wardrobe provided by Meraki Moon. 

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