Senior Portrait Special!

Yay it’s senior photo season! I love photographing seniors because they’re so expressive in front of the camera, and it’s so fun to make them feel like a model for a day. 

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Meek Vintage

Meek Vintage is a local vintage store in the Golden Triangle area of Denver. They have such a unique store and a well-curated IG that you should check out @meekvintage. They are launching their bridal line of vintage wedding dresses, and I got to photograph them! We had a whole team of people including 3 models (one of which is Kelly, the owner’s, daughter), Sacred Thistle florist, Make-up artist Morgan from Megan Cary Artistry, and Avery Ashmore helping putting it all together behind the scenes. Here’s one of my favorite images from the shoot. 

The Lighthouse and the Whaler

I met a few awesome dudes that are in the band, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, at a coffee shop on Saturday morning. I overheard them talking about their music, and in the interest of trying my hardest to live outside my comfort zone and meet new people, I struck up a conversation with them. The band is from Cleveland, and Denver was the last stop on their tour. After talking a bit, they invited me to photograph their show at Larimer Lounge that night! I agreed and then realized that I should probably teach myself how to take concert photos real quick. I have never shot a live band before, so it was so awesome to have the opportunity, with no pressure, handed to me. This past year has been full of exploring different genres of photography. It’s grown my appreciation for the craft so much more, as well as expanded my possibilities of my path. Plus, I get to meet really cool people along the way.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Alli and I worked together on a shoot on Friday morning, and after that, we were able to go play around in some cherry blossoms! I knew a spring blizzard was on its way to hit Denver that evening, so the timing was perfect to get some photos of the pink trees before their flowers were damaged from the storm. Alli is my make-up artist that I love dearly, and she’s been dabbling in the art of photography too, so we took pictures of each other. I adore shoots like these because they’re so fun and easy, and there’s no planning and no pressure. I’m the most excited for spring flowers this year to use them in as many shoots as possible! 

Welcome, Spring!

I photographed Psychic Beauty’s second workshop of the year ~ Spring awakening. I’m so lucky to document the class, but also participate! We made our own special face masks out of clay, rose, lavender, white willow bark, and marsh mellow root, and learned how each plant benefits our skin. We then mixed our dry ingredients with honey, rose hip oil, evening primrose, and jojoba oil. The minute I got home from the workshop, I stripped all my make-up off and rubbed this amazing goodness on my face while relaxing in a bath. My skin felt oh-so amazingly soft afterward! 

We also learned which major arcana card from our tarot deck represented this year, 2016. My card for this year is the Hierophant. I had a long conversation with Rory, a professional tarot reader and psychic, about how this card relates to me and its meaning in my life right now. It was so profound and left me with much clarity for my path I am about to embark on. 

iphone snap of me by Rhea!


Here’s one of my favorite images of Matison for our Boudoir Session at Grant Humphries Mansion in Denver, CO. Make-up by Alli Beach. Vintage lingerie by Meek Vintage. 

Starting anew

My big move to LA is 2.5 months away, which actually seems like too long! I am ready to start working out there. But in the mean time, I am booking lots of shoots up until June 24! Boudoir, senior portraits, family sessions, and model test shoots. Use the contact form to book a session with me! All sessions are customizable from large packages to mini. And your session is always unique!

Also, be on the look out for 2 editorials to be released soon after being published in magazines! And several editorials in the works with ~ Psychic Beauty, Womenfolk, Braids & Bikinis, Meek Vintage, and Gisella Cianci floral designs! Here’s a glimpse into the mood boards ..


Here is a print from a 35mm B&W roll of film I snapped alongside Megan Newton on my sister’s wedding day! This picture is just so sweet. 


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Sister’s wedding weekend

My sister got married this past weekend in the southern town of Auburn, Alabama. She and her new husband went to school there, as did I! It’s such a peaceful, friendly town, and special place in our hearts. It was a warm, overcast day, and all the colors of her wedding blended in perfectly with the sky ~ soft pink, light green, and dusty grey. Our loving families and best of friends gathered to witness the two of them tie the knot. Their ceremony was held in a quaint little chapel in downtown Auburn. My brother was the officiant and wrapped rosary beads (they picked up from the Vatican on their recent trip to Rome!) around the bride and groom’s hands as he shared an Irish blessing. 

I was honored (and extremely nervous) to give a speech at the reception. I had practiced it a few times, which contributed to the success of my words coming out confidently and in the right order! They loved it and I received many compliments on it. It was written from the heart, but with a touch of my well-known sarcasm. 

Megan Newton, who is a dear friend and mentor, was the photographer. She is incredibly talented behind the lens, and I would only have allowed her to be their photographer! I’m so anxious to see pictures from Julie & Sean’s special day! But in the mean time, here is a little video I made by documenting moments throughout the weekend with my iphone.  The entire weekend was a big celebration of love.

Aletheia Mini-Editorial Preview

Aletheia (Wilhelmina Models) is one of my most favorite models to shoot with! I adore her look, but mostly we have so much fun together. She thinks we could be sisters and that is quite the compliment :) I can’t wait to see where her modeling career takes her, as I know she’ll end up working in NYC or LA!

It’s been SO WARM in Denver lately, so I wanted to take advantage of 70 degree weather. Also, my itch for spring/summer shoots has been here for a while. We planned this just one day in advance, no stylist or make-up artist needed. Just a few pinterest inspiration images ;)  Here’s a preview of our mini-editorial photographed yesterday at Cherry Creek Reservoir at golden hour! 

CM Dance

This is my friend, Lark, and I at the MCA Denver for Artist’s Happy Hour. She’s a member of the museum, and the MCA is my favorite in Denver! The art displayed there is always impressive, so I was stoked when Lark invited me. We’ve been spending some time together lately because she has a puppy named Penny, just like my pup! They love playing together as much as we love watching them play together. 

Lark is a dancer, and hooked me up with a job - as awesome business owner friends do! - photographing an evening at the Denver Turnverein with Community Minded Dance organization. I photographed dance classes being taught, tons of candids of people on the dance floor social dancing to a live swing band, and ended the evening capturing Lark and her 3 dance partners performing the Lindy Diversion. It was such a cool experience seeing her dance and photographing super fast action! I hope to be able to do something like this again!

Dead of Winter

Here is a mini editorial I created over the weekend as an impromptu shoot! I called my friend, Katie - who I’ve photographed 4 times now! - just to see what’s new in her life. She was telling me how she works in a mansion in downtown Denver, but their company is relocating soon, and she wanted to do a shoot there before they had to move! And I said, well, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so I definitely don’t have anything going on.. so YES let’s shoot!! It was the most unplanned editorial I’ve done, but I love how it turned out! Sometimes the unprepared/ not over-thought-out shoots are the best. Just show up, and play with pretty light. We did 3 different scenes and looks, but here is just one that I titled “Dead of Winter.” The waterless fountain and Katie’s backless blouse against the wrought iron bench inspired the title, and it all came together, just like that. 

Psychic Beauty - LOVE THYSELF

Psychic Beauty is a new natural beauty business in Denver started by two amazing women, Rhea & Rory. I met Rhea at their opening party a few months ago, and realized we had a ton of mutual friends! And I met Rory about 1 year ago when she read my tarot cards and changed my life. (NBD.

Their business concept focuses on natural, organic beauty products for our outer beauty, and expressing our authentic selves to let our inner beauty shine. They have several workshops happening this year, and I got to photograph their first class, which was titled Love Thyself. We made our own unique organic oil skin care product by adding amazing stuff like jasmine, rose hip, sage, lavender.. and discussed the properties of all these plants and their benefits for your skin, as well as what they do for the soul. I use mine on my face every night and have already noticed a difference in how smooth and fresh my face feels. Colorado’s dry air is a killer! And this oil is the best thing ever. It’s extra special because I made it myself, so I know exactly what’s in it. Rhea and Rory blessed our oils and bath salts so they’re filled with love! :) 

Check out their website for more info on what they’re all about, and a listing of workshop dates! And look for some awesome conceptual portraits of these 2 ladies coming soon!! 

Charity Event for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

My good friend, Thuy, invited me to be a part of a charity event last Saturday, benefiting the CCFA. She asked me to take some photos, and I was so happy to donate to the foundation, while making a difference! Thuy put together her team for flag football games played on the Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium! It was awesome to be running around the field where our home team, the Broncos, play. I had never photographed a sports event, or captured action like a football game! So it was such an awesome opportunity and fun experience. 

Editorial feature for Grunge’n’Art!

You can view my new editorial feature for a super cool, artistic, and creative magazine called Grunge’n’Art. I’ve admired the two talented editors and their content for a long time, and feel so honored to be a part of it! They even wrote a little poem to go with my editorial at the end!

And here are some BEHIND THE SCENES!


Test shoot with Ryne

I did a portfolio update with Ryne today in downtown Denver. You can’t tell here in this image, but we were actually in a dark alley with amazingly soft light shining on him. It was the perfect situation for this contrast of dark and light! 

Sesso music

My friend, Alli, asked me to photograph her and her boyfriend for their band, Sesso. I was so happy to because I knew Alli would have a killer concept. This is one of my favorite images from our shoot. Alli’s creative make-up and paint are both thanks to her talent!

Jamie NXT Model

A few of my favorite shots with Jamie of NXT models yesterday! We were lucky to get such a warm day in December, so we had fun shooting on the roof of my building. And then some studio shots. Jamie really impressed me with her posing and movement in front of the camera! She was so fun to shoot, I was giddy the whole time. 

My image on the cover of Mith Magazine!

My first cover!  Mith Magazine is a well-established online magazine, but surprised me by creating their first print issue in October, and chose my editorial for their cover story! The editors have been so incredibly friendly and supportive of my team and I, they even included a hand written thank you note along with my copy of the magazine. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with! And thanks to my team! - HMUA Allison Beach and model Aletheia Matthews.

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