If I didn’t have my camera to remind me constantly, I am here to do this, I would eventually have slipped away, I think. I would have forgotten my reason to exist.

~ Annie Leibovitz 

Penny Sparkle!

Well, here is my adorable little puppy! Her name is Penny Sparkle and she was born in early April 2015. She is a long haired, english cream, mini dachshund. and she’s just the cutest thing ever, clearly! Follow her on IG, she posts adorable pictures of herself almost everyday. @pennysparklepup


I got to photograph my friend and fave make-up artist last week! It was a super quick session on my roof and inside my studio, and I’m so happy with the images! Alli said she was camera shy, but I managed to get some killer portraits of her looking absolutely beautiful. 

Portraits of Emma

I’ve photographed Emma once before so I was really happy when she reached out to me saying she bought this beautiful red For Love & Lemons dress to wear for a shoot! I wanted a classy, elegant vibe to go with the lovely dress, so I thought of Eron Johnson antique store for the location. I called to make sure they allow photographs to be taken in their store, and I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and accommodating they were for me! They even got me a step ladder so I could get a pretty chandelier shot. I sent the owner the images as a thank you! I am always so appreciative of property owners that let me take pictures because I’ve been basically kicked out of many many places, like my camera is a weapon. | View more photos from this shoot in the Portrait tab. 

Preserving the Tangible

My client, Jose, has this really old print of him as a baby with his family that he wanted me to blow up and frame for him. It was a really fun job for me because the original photo is so interesting and really tells a story! It needed some small fixes, so I straightened, cropped, and digitally retouched it, while preserving as much as the original photo as much as possible. The print was blown up to 10x15” and was matted and framed. Jose had a big revealing with his family over the newly framed picture. It was super special for them, and he said his mom cried when she saw it! It makes me feel so good to do wonderful work like this! It’s also a testimonial on how important prints are! They are something tangible to have forever.  People sometimes forget photographic prints exist in this digital age, but the difference of holding a captured special moment in your hands is so much better than viewing it on a computer screen! 

Find Me In The Honeyed Forest

My editorial is featured in Teo Magazine issue 6! It is an Australian based art and fashion magazine. I shot this last fall west of Golden, CO.

Issue 6, page 164 - http://www.teomagazine.com.au/issue-6-1/ 

Special thanks to:
Model | Chloe Bundt

Hair & Make-Up | Alli Beach

Stylist | Megan Fellers

Editing { Magic }

Before and After of model, Raquel

Taking pictures is only half the artistic process of creating beautiful photos. An unedited photo is an incomplete piece of work. I never share or deliver unedited, raw files, as it is not my completed vision. Some people ask for the unedited files, thinking they could save money and cut the photographer’s hourly rate in half, but it does not work that way. You don’t want the original files anyway because they’re not going to match the quality of work that you see on my website. My hourly rate reflects the time spent culling through the potential hundreds of photos taken during our session, choosing the best ones to edit, and then processing those to perfection! and then of course exporting, sizing down the files, and uploading them on a site for you to view, download, and order prints! 

Bathtub Shoot Story

One of the many ways that I spend my time as my own boss - I like to continuously educate and challenge myself. This week, I plan to spend a bit of time teaching myself one Lightroom editing trick each day. That’ll be my education portion. As far as challenging myself, I think I got that covered in my most recent shoot. I wish I could give you guys a preview! But magazines hate when photos are leaked before the issue comes out. 

This past week, I did a shoot in my bathtub! I had so many inspiration photos floating around my head all week. I practiced the lighting a couple days before so I could get it just right and sort of play with it. I had asked my film teacher’s advice on where to position the light for a certain effect, and he gave me some excellent advice. He told me to place the studio light and soft box at the door to the bathroom at the height that would make the light just skim the top of the tub, therefore creating a shadow and some depth inside the tub. It had the potential to get blown out otherwise with the walls and tub being white. 

A problem that I did not foresee was the minute we threw the fake flowers in the hot bath water, they all sunk to the bottom. You would think fake flowers would be able to float to the top - just like in my inspo photos! Why was this happening? And then water started turning orange and red.. all the dye was coming out of our faux petals! At first, I was like ‘Oh well, that’s fine, it’ll look pretty! And I don’t have to use my Lush bath bomb!’ But then those oranges and reds turned brown. Not pretty. I’ll be spending some time editing these photos! Which reminds me of the importance of ‘getting it right in. the. camera.’ -> TIME. At least it ties into my education because I’ll be teaching myself color correcting of shadows and highlights along the way! 

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